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Our Team

Intelligent.effects was started with three good friends and the vision to bring a large group of talented, savvy and committed people together to develop and deliver top notch service and expertise at a competitive price. Not only has intelligent.effects accomplished this endeavor, but we created a strong culture and fun environment for our employees and clients to continue to grow.Our company culture is built on a foundation of client relationships and trust where we help ensure the best value, best service, and mutual respect for our clients and for ourselves. We operate in the world of business and technology using various technologies to increase productivity and present on-demand information, building from existing solutions as well as customize solutions to fit client needs.Our core objectives and competencies include all aspects of Consulting, Marketing Services, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Portals and Collaboration, Application (Web, Desktop and Mobile) Development, Infrastructure and Networking. intelligent.effects exceeds clients’ objectives by delivering what is promised on time and on budget.

Binyam Kebede

Company CEO.

MSC in Computer Science,Micosoft,T-Mobile,10 years extensive and diverse computer science and software engineering experience.

Habtamu Araya

VP of Networking and Infrastructure

MSC in Electrical Engineering,Amazon,Micosoft, A highly network engineer and lead skilled for the last 12 year with a record of success.

Daniel Lemma

VP of Engineering

MSC in Computer Science,Micosoft, Visa Inc. More than 7 years of experience working in highly competitive and fast growing IT and financial area.